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Types of Medicare Insurances that you can receive your FREE dental benefits.

As a senior citizens, we deserve great dental care!

Unlike traditional Medicare insurance (Part A/B) originated in 1965 which does not cover dental procedures unless it is cancer/trauma related medical necessity, these days senior citizens have many new Medicare insurance options called Medicare Advantage plans (Part C). Many of us may be on one of those plans already, but we are not aware that many of those Medicare Advantage plans come with dental benefits. Major Medicare Advantage plan carriers in the State of Texas are Cigna Healthspring, UnitedHealthCare, MolinaHealth Wellcare, Texan Plus, Amerigroup and Humana. Many of these companies offer different types of dental coverage for their enrollees. Many of those plans provide very comprehensive dental coverage!

Here at Citrus Dental, we take ALL of those Medicare plans as long as they provide dental benefits! Please contact us at 409.777.4777 to find out about your benefits.

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